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מסורת של התחדשות יהודית

IMPJ Newsletter list

Light shall overcome the Darkness: Shvat 5777-February 2017 Newsletter

Date: ‏יום ראשון ‏05 ‏מרץ ‏2017

Tevet 577-January 2017 Newsletter

Date: ‏יום שישי ‏20 ‏ינואר ‏2017

This past month has been a busy one at the IMPJ, with community building, social action, youth engagement and involvement in public affairs. We've even been in a few headlines! You are invited to read all about it in our Tevet 577-January 2017 Newsletter.

Kislev 5777-December 2016 Newsletter

Date: ‏יום שישי ‏02 ‏דצמבר ‏2016

"As long as the candle is lit - there is still time to repair." As we prepare for the coming month, and for Hanukah, we reflect back on the past month. We faced many hurdles, but also achieved many accomplishments. Read all about it in our Kislev 5777-December 2016 Newsletter.

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